TUGA-FrancoTosi Meccanica

The emerging power of TUGA-FrancoTosi Meccanica

TUGA-FrancoTosi Meccanica” is a Joint Venture between MAPNA Turbine (TUGA) and Franco Tosi Meccanica, formed in December 2015.

By the new company, MAPNA Group will be able to deliver a more comprehensive portfolio of high quality turbomachinery products and services in Iran and abroad.

The Italian “Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA” has got a long heritage in Energy equipment, in particular Steam and Hydro Turbines, Compressors, etc. FTM’s 134 years of experience, besides TUGA capabilities will enable the brand new Joint to offer more Comprehensive and Customized Solutions to customers.

“TUGA-FrancoTosiMeccanica” is able to provide the best possible solutions in the following fields:

- 1 to 660 MW Steam Turbines

- Power and Industrial Gas Turbines

- Hydraulic Turbines

- Wide variety of Centrifugal Compressors

- Equipment and Plant Services

This international cooperation extends the market and capabilities of both sides enormously and offers new values to clients.

For mor information please see TUGA-Francotosi Meccanica Website.