Turbo-compressor’s logic modification and optimization for pipeline compressor stations
Date : 2020-05-05 09:26:08

نخستین توربین کلاس F گروه مپنا به نیروگاه اندیمشک بارگیری شد

After commissioning of Naeen and Khonj gas stations, TUGA became responsible for issuing the "Control Algorithm" document. That made it necessary to review this document precisely and thoroughly for several reasons: first, to ensure the exact compliance between the document and the implemented software; second, to remove all faults and discrepancies and improve it for the machine and auxiliary systems’ control philosophies. The improvements were based on our knowledge and experience acquired during previous refineries and pipeline projects. Another issue to be addressed was non-standardized keywords and phrases for naming principal modes of the machine in different sites that caused serious difficulties for operators, especially when they had to move from one site to another.

In an endeavour between TUGA and MECO engineers and supervisor, finally a fault-free unified and user-friendly Control Algorithm and software was prepared and implemented; in which, the clients and operators’ comments on previous document and software are duly considered.  This will allow MAPNA Group to be flexible enough towards special conditions and demands by the turbo-compressors users, which in turn results in a higher extent of the customer satisfaction.